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Protection of information

The protection of information of any character is one of the primary and important components of Mymeed’s acti­vities. This also applies in the same extent to information used for the purposes of these web pages.
This document, dealing with the security of the protection of information and other data used for the purposes of these web pages, describes the type of information and data amassed and monitored, how the information and data are used and with whom it is shared.

The information given in this document is exclusively related to web page activities

Personal data

Personal data is understood as all information that can be used to identify individuals, including (but not restricted to) names and surnames, residency addresses or other physical addresses, electronic addresses or other contact information, whether private or business. It generally implies that you can visit Mymeed’s web pages without having to reveal your identity to us or provide any personal data.

In visiting our web pages to browse its contents, no information of you is obtained or stored. Information of you, as a visitor to our web pages, is processed as soon as you use the option to communicate (such as through inquiries in accordance with the instruction of the web pages, or downloading information) beyond the framework of mere browsing. In these individual cases, however, we only use the information of you in the extent and manner appropriate for each such case.

Security and quality of information

Our goal is to protect the quality and integrity of your data. We’ve passed technical and organizational measures, that have helped us ensure the security, accuracy, updated state and completeness of your data. We make the utmost effort to react to your requests that inaccuracies in your personal data be corrected as soon as they are found. To correct inaccuracies in your personal data, send a message containing these inaccuracies to the sender with the specific required correction.

Sometimes we amass anonymous information from the visitors of our web pages that helps us provide better quality services to customers. For instance, we monitor the domains that people are visiting from or measure the activity of our visitors on Mymeed’s web pages; we do this in such a way as to preserve the anonymity of such obtained information.
One of the conditions for obtaining such information is that individuals cannot be directly identified through such obtained information. This anonymous data is sometimes called “clickstream data”. Mymeed and the companies that conduct analyses for it can use such information for analysing trends and statistics, which helps us to provide better quality services to customers.

In amassing personal data related to transactions we can extract certain information on a given transaction in an anonymous format and combine it with other anonymous information that is the aforementioned “clickstream data”. This anonymous information is used and analysed only on an aggregate level and helps us better understand trends and models of behaviour. None of this obtained information is reviewed or even used on a personal level, i.e. so that an individual is identified from it. If, despite this, you do not want details of your transactions used in this way, you can either reject the cookie file record or not enter the relevant information on the order or request page.

Mymeed does not pass on personal information without your consent to third parties that do not act in its name, with the exception of cases required by law. The sale of personal data acquired online without the consent of these individuals is also against Mymeed’s prin­ciples.

Technology for the protection of privacy

Technology will be increasingly used as an aid in protecting one’s personal data. It will help organizations manage rules and procedures for preserving privacy. Mymeed., as a provider of information technology, actively supports the development of technology for the protection of privacy that could help achieve these goals and that could establish greater trust in preserving personal data. Products and services are available that can help you protect your privacy on the Network.

Please keep in mind that Mymeed has not formally evaluated these tools and therefore cannot recommend any specific tool or vice versa.

Business relation

Mymeed’s web pages contain links to other web pages. Mymeed is not responsible for the protection processes of these web pages or for their content.

Your consent

In using this web server you express your agreement with our principles for protecting privacy and with the processing of personal data by Mymeed for the aforementioned purposes, as well as for purposes given where Mymeed amasses personal data on the web. If these principles for protecting privacy change, we will take all appropriate measures to inform you of these changes. Information on all changes will be given on our web pages for the appropriate period and with the relevant emphasis.

Mymeed respects your right to the protection of private information.
Personal information gained via these web pages cannot, without your consent, be passed on to entities outside Myeed that are not contractually bound to a similar preservation of this information (such as data processing for Mymeed).

Mymeed operates outside its main office as well, and therefore your personal data can be transferred to countries that do not ensure a corresponding level of protection. Mymeed, however, undertakes to ensure adequate and consistent protection of your personal data regardless of the country it is in.